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Four hundred and seventeen meters under the sea level, in the lowest place in the world, there is a rich world of vitamins and minerals. The first research into the Dead Sea water properties was initiated in 1778 by Lubuazia who analyzed the composition of the Dead Sea water.

In 1818, Joseph Luis-Lussac published another analysis of the marine chemical compounds of the Dead Sea.

The prestigious journal “Nature” published an important article based on the research of Elazar Wolkani, who proved that there is in the Dead Sea. The first research submarine will go down deeply in the Dead Sea to study the water and the ground underneath.

The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea minerals have been known since the famous queen Cleopatra informed us of the virtues of these minerals which may be used as beauty treatments.

The spas from the Roman days demonstrate that the Dead Sea was providing a variety of treatment options.

The Dead Sea is one of the wonders of the world created 20 to 40 thousand years ago after a break between Euro-Asia and Africa.

Dead Sea water contains 26 minerals, 12 of which are not found in any sea or ocean. It is the only place in the world famous for its combination of medicinal properties, solar activity, climate, ozone-filled atmosphere, thermal sources, and mineral mud.

The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on Earth in what is considered one of the most mysterious and amazing wonders of the world.

Dead Sea water is rich in salt, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and bromine.

The muddy layer of the Dead Sea, a sediment that is located at the bottom, is composed equally of water, salts, and the bottom of the endemic plant. This layer is more than 100 meters thick.

For thousands of years, the unique qualities of the Dead Sea have been a rare source of vital youthfulness, beauty, and health. Dead Sea minerals stimulate, cleanse and freshen the skin providing it with essential minerals.

All Delta Cosmetics originate from the Dead Sea and its minerals. The Dead Sea is often referred to as the best natural spa in the world.

In sharp contrast to the name Sea of Death, the Dead Sea is a wonderful source of life which contains rare ingredients with amazing health producing properties.

Numerous studies have already shown the cosmetic benefits of these minerals as well as their ability to restore the skin allowing it to regenerate.

Aristotle wrote about these magical powers contained in the sea. King Herod built a road with fortresses for Cleopatra and himself to ensure that Cleopatra possessed this as her own private spa. The Dead Sea has always been known as a glorious place with magical powers and mystery.

Now, with these revolutionary cosmetic products with Dead Sea minerals, these historical miracle essences are within your reach.

The essential minerals of the body can be divided into two groups: macro-minerals, those for which the body requires large amounts, and micro-minerals (also known as trace elements) that are required for the body in lesser quantities. These minerals are comprised of sodium, iron, potassium, iodine and calcium.

The list below includes all the unique features of the minerals from the Dead Sea.

According to several studies, the minerals of the Dead Sea are effective in improving a variety of skin problems such as psoriasis and acne. Much of what is often needed is to cleanse the skin with water from the Dead Sea.

One study in particular demonstrates that the high concentration of magnesium contained in the salt assists in reducing inflammation of the skin and improves moisture.

  • Calming Allergies- According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology in 2005, high concentrations of magnesium and bromine in salt from the Dead Sea helps soothe various allergic reactions.
  • Anti-aging- This same study found that salts from the Dead Sea help reduce the depth of wrinkles resulting from skin aging.
  • Healthy Beauty- Minerals naturally produce healing products. In the Dead Sea you can find plenty of minerals of various kinds. Many of these are essential minerals consisting of medicinal properties including Sulphur, sodium, chlorine, iodine, calcium, and zinc.

The DEAD SEA is full of essential minerals that can give you healthy, smooth, and younger-looking skin as well as relieving rheumatic pains. Your body will thank you for using Dead Sea products.



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