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The older woman with the amazing skin. The friend with the perfect facial skin. Which one of us doesn’t dream of smooth and healthy facial skin?

Clean skin is pampered skin, which is why cleaning the face is an important and essential step in caring for your skin. the secret to flawless facial skin is mostly caring for your skin and being strict with following a few simple tips.

Thorough cleaning of the facial skin

Thorough cleaning is the first step to perfect facial skin. The cleaning action allows the skin a more efficient absorption ability of moisture and nutrition. Not strictly following the caring and cleaning routine might harm the cell renewal process and cause a tired and lifeless skin look.

It is important to wash your face every morning and evening.

The importance of facial cleaning

Our skin is exposed to different injuries throughout the years such as sun damage, air pollution, chemical substances and other dangers. The purpose of facial cleaning is the removal of dirt, such as dust particles, soot, cosmetic material, makeup leftovers, sweat, dead cells etc. the recommendation is to adopt a daily cleaning routine in the morning and evening in order to reduce the facial skin damage. Choose the cleaning product that is most suited for your skin type and use it morning and evening. The product will clean on one hand, and on the other hand help take care of problems such as dryness or oiliness.

Tip: It is recommended to add a deeper cleaning action (peeling) once to twice a week. The goal of this is to perform a thorough cleaning of the facial skin, remove the dead cells and cause the skin cells to renew in each cleaning. Use a product with ingredients that add moisture to the skin and sooth it such as aloe vera and anti-oxidants.

The importance of moisturizing cream for the care of facial skin

Applying moisturizing cream every day is essential for flexible, saturated and healthy-looking skin. During the day it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream that contains UVA and UVB sunscreen and has a high moisture percentage. Natural moisturizing cream for the face nourishes and provides vitality and protection to dry facial skin. The cream provides moisture to the skin thanks to its natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Studies prove that using moisturizing cream provides the skin with benefits that last a long time and the results will be visible for years.


Good peeling assists in removing dead skin cells and exposes the lower skin cell layer especially in oily skin where the excess grease and dead cells create a sort of clog. The peeling also helps smooth and better the skin texture and encourage the skin cells’ growth and its renewal. The peeling consists of soap or emulsion that contains fine grains. For a soft, smooth and more radiant skin look, it is recommended to perform a peeling treatment once to twice a week after facial cleaning.

Champion tricks

Wash the face with lukewarm to warm water followed by cold water in the morning and in the evening in order to shrink the skins pores. After the washing, wipe the face with a clean towel to avoid the entrance of bacteria into the facial skin.

Swelling under the eyes

Make sure you apply firming gel to the gentle skin underneath the eyes in the morning and, if needed, in the evening as well. What you need to do is gently dab around the eye rather than spreading. Do not go to sleep with makeup on, and use makeup remover that is not oil-based to remove mascara. This is in order to not cause further swelling. It is important to integrate into the routine other healthy habits like reducing the quantity of salt and alcohol and prolonging sleep hours.

Tip: Putting cut-up cucumbers or tea bags on the eyes shrinks the blood vessels and calms down the skin, thus reducing the swelling.

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