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The Delta Cosmetics Company respects the privacy of its internet website users and operates a website in the address: and you are welcome to take a part in it, subject to your agreement to the terms of use described as follows.

The aim of the policy is to explain the company’s regulations regarding the privacy of the website users, and how the company uses the data provided by the website users or that have been collected by the company during the usage of the website.

The content of the site offered to visitors may change from time to time, depending on the type of content.

The website management reserves the rights to update the terms of use described as follows from time to time with no notice or special memo in the different website channels.


 Intellectual Property

The website, and all the data included in it, including the website design, the website code, media files, graphics, videos, pictures, text, downloadable files and all other material that is displayed in the website belongs to the company, and are sole intellectual property of the Delta Cosmetics website in the address:, and there will be no using it without prior written consent from the company.

It is prohibited to distribute, publish, copy or replicate the website or any part of it, the graphics, videos, commercial signs and icons or any other media and/or content without prior written consent from the company.


Website Content

We aim to provide you with the data displayed in the website with no interruptions, however, there might be disturbances that arise due to technical difficulties, third party disruptions, other flaws and/or accessibility problems with the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the website will be accessible at all times. In such a case, there will be no financial compensation or any other compensation following end of service or website downloads.

External links do not constitute a guarantee that the websites are safe, high quality or reliable, and the visiting of these websites are done only on your sole responsibility and they are deposited with the user responsibility.

The content offered in the website is the sole property of Delta Cosmetics, in the address: and there is an absolute prohibition of using them for any use.


Website Registration

If your personal information is required during website registration or when purchasing products in the website, the company will request only the information that is directly required for providing the services or purchasing the products appearing in the website.



The data that is collected will be saved in the company data base with its warranty.


Data Usage

The website management reserves the right to block any user by blocking their computer address, according to the MACID country on their computer, the IP address of their computer, this without any need of the website user’s approval.

The website team will do all efforts to protect the privacy of its registered users. The company will not pass on to a third party your personal information and the data collected on your website activity, except in the following occurrences: (a) in case of legal dispute between you and the company that requires the revelation of your information, (b) if you performed illegal actions in the website, (c) if there was given a judicial form instructing to provide your information to a third party, (d) if the company sells or transfers the website activity to any company or corporation – and in case it merges with a different entity or merges the website activity with a third party activity and this after the company or corporation accepts this privacy policy instructions.


E-mail information

The company will send you from time to time information about its services, promotional information, and information about products sales. You can at any time send an email to the address [email protected] to cancel and stop receiving promotional emails.

It is thus agreed that the website surfers, users and members will have no plea, legal demand, or requirement to the Delta Cosmetics team or any third party regarding sending promotional information through electronic mails.



This website might use “cookie” files and internal statistical interfaces, this in order to keep anonymous statistical documentation of the website users and analyze users’ movements in the website, surfing habits, clicking and browsing times in the website. Any time that you surf the website, the data that is received is completely anonymous and does not contain the name or any other identification of the user.

Remember that stopping or deleting “cookie” files might cause you not to be able to use parts of the services and features.


Change of Privacy Policy

In case there will be performed essential changes in the policy, and only if you are registered or a member in the company website, a message will be sent to the email that you provided.



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