Ac-No Soap

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Ac-No soap


A unique goat’s milk soap with herbal extracts and essential oils for oily and problematic skin. Natural soap goat’s milk, known for thousands of years for its ability to rehabilitate the skin.


It contains minerals, minerals, proteins, iron, potassium and calcium. Goat milk contains lactic acid helps exfoliate and peel o dead skin cells which reveals younger cells. This gives the skin a smooth, fresh and younger. Lactose is one of the main goat’s milk and nourishes the skin.


Casein is a protein specially, found in milk goat, and keeps the skin moist. In addition, the soap contains sulfur (sulfur from the Dead Sea), known to his cleansing operation draining excess fat and skin. The soap is recommended for those who suffer from oily and problematic skin. Daily use gives the skin a healthy and fresh.

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