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Welcome to the website of Delta Cosmetics Company, which operates a website on the Internet and manages a virtual store for cosmetic products for surfers on the internet.

The provisions of these regulations apply equally to both genders. Everywhere these regulations are written in the masculine or feminine form are for convenience purposes only.

The person who takes any action on the site declares that he has read, understood, and agreed to the site’s regulations and that he and / or anyone on its behalf doesn’t have any claim and / or lawsuit against the owners and / or operators and / or their representatives. Surfing the site and / or purchasing products or services offered for sale constitutes the user’s agreement to accept and abide by the regulations.

The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time.

Any user is entitled to carry out an action on the website, if he has a PayPal account or a credit card of one of the credit card companies: Master Card, Visa, American Express and the card may be valid on the day of purchase.

The contract between the company and the customer for the supply of Goods and/or Services in accordance with these conditions.

 Order products

Delta Cosmetics offers a wide range of products for sale.

Alongside the products for sale, it is expressly stated that they can be purchased by marking them in the shopping cart.

If there is no markup in the shopping cart next to the product and/or the service, you will not be able to purchase them, and we will not be able to provide them to you.

We do our best to ensure that the products displayed on the site are in stock, but occasionally there are cases where products displayed on the site are out of stock and therefore if the products are missing, we will send you an appropriate message via e-mail or by telephone that the product is out of stock and if there is a product of similar nature and price, parallel or identical from another company we will offer you the alternative product to purchase.

If you accept our offer, your order details will be updated.

If you decide to decline, your order will be deleted, and your credit card will not be charged.

Delta Cosmetics will not be responsible or liable, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages caused by the user or a third party including but not limited to damage caused by purchasing the product and / or service with a third party at a higher price.

Delta Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse access to the site to any end user at its sole discretion.

How to place an order

After you place your order, you will receive an initial notice of receipt of your order details.

Note that: This approval does not oblige Delta Cosmetics to supply the products you have ordered, and it only indicates that the order details have been entered into the system.

Only after receiving approval from PayPal or the clearing company of the validity of the transaction your purchase will be considered approved and all delivery processes of the products you ordered will begin.

Your order must be received in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the shipment of the products and your billing, so we will be able to deliver the products.

The buyer bears the responsibility for the correct input of the delivery details; in case anything goes wrong with the shipment of order due to an error in the delivery details made by the buyer, Delta Cosmetics cannot be held responsible for the damage/time delivery loss of the shipment.

If the products come back to us due to erroneous or incorrect details that the customer provided, he will be charged a shipping fee + handling fee of 5% of the transaction.

Please make sure your contact information is complete and up-to-date. The submission of false personal information is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of The Penal Law, 1977 and/or in any law.

Means of Payment

You can pay using a PayPal account or a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies we work with.

Your card number and details will need to be entered in the designated place. No other form of payment will be accepted.

Supply date

The delivery times we undertake are up to 30 days. The calculation of the delivery dates will be according to business days, i.e., Mondays to Fridays, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays.

However, Delta Cosmetics will do its best to speed up the delivery time.

There are factors and/or events that may occur at any time that are not under the control of the site owner.

In such a case, Delta Cosmetics may at any time announce the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the charge of the transaction.

The various products will be supplied by mail or through a courier company, at the sole discretion of Delta Cosmetics. It is at this moment emphasized that the delivery times for the products cannot be controlled and are not under the control of Delta Cosmetics and you at this moment declared that you would have no claim against the company due to disruptions in supply.

If the shipping company is unable to carry out the shipment to the customer’s home for any reason, the matter will be clarified to the customer, and an alternative solution acceptable to both parties will be found.

It is at this moment clarified that in relation to the cancellation of the shipment due to the inability of the delivery company to carry out the shipment to the customer’s home, Delta Cosmetics would have the final decision.

Prices and payments

Delta Cosmetics may change the prices of the products and the shipping and handling fees from time to time. The valid price relative to your order is the price to be published on the site when you complete the order process.

Cancelling a transaction

The purchase of products may be canceled within five (5) days of receiving when they are packed in their original packaging and are not used at all. For these products, you will receive a monetary credit, minus transportation fees, and 5% of the value of the product.

After the product is sent to the customer, the request to cancel the product must be made in a document to Delta Cosmetics at [email protected]

Receiving a financial credit due to the cancellation of a transaction will be made only after receiving the product and checking it at Delta Cosmetics that the product was not used and returned in its original packaging without defects.

Returning the product to the customer by returning mail will be at his own expense.

If the product has been tested and found to have been used, which has not been returned as new, in its original packaging, including all product and packaging components, no refund will be given.

Also, Delta Cosmetics will charge the customer for any expense or liability due to a transaction or cancellation of the transaction, including credit card commissions.

It is not possible to cancel a transaction or return a product that is not on the site and which was specifically invited to the customer.


Delta Cosmetics and/or anyone acting on its behalf are not responsible for any display or image displayed on the site. They are for illustration purposes only; there may be differences in color between the photographs of the products published on the site and the exact colors of the products as provided in practice.

If you purchased a defective product, you have the right to change it or return it and receive your money back, to cancel/return a product to Delta Cosmetics company, first send a document to [email protected] before sending the product to Delta Cosmetics.

After obtaining approval from Delta Cosmetics for the return/cancellation of the product, and after receiving the product at the offices of Delta Cosmetics,

The product will be inspected by Delta Cosmetics or its agents, and if the product is with defects, a customer will be credited with the full amount, excluding the cost of shipping the customer. Delivery of the product to Delta Cosmetics will be at the purchaser’s expense. All this at Delta Cosmetics’ sole discretion.

The purchase on the site is the sole responsibility of the customer, and he will not have, and he will not have any claim and/or demand against Delta Cosmetics or anyone acting on its behalf in respect of the product’s features, capabilities or limitations or suitability to his needs and requirements.

Delta Cosmetics and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not bear any liability for any unauthorized use, misuse, illegal use and/or fraudulent use by a third party of the credit card used by the customer to perform an action on the Site.

The Surfer’s undertaking

The surfer undertakes to act in good faith and with integrity when making a purchase and/or order, as well as after purchase and supply.

The surfer undertakes to report any mistake in the dispatch of the product he received or if he received another product by mistake or if he received more than one product that he ordered. For example: if the customer received two packages instead of the one he ordered or another package that was not intended for him. If such an error is discovered by the site, the customer undertakes to pay for the product the sum of its value on the day he received that product according to the Store’s and the Site’s pricelist on the day he actually received the product.

In such a case the customer is obliged to contact us by phone or e-mail: [email protected].

User Instructions and warnings

Do not use the product before reading the instructions and warnings. The instructions and warnings are either on the package or in the package.

If you do not understand how to use the product, please contact us by e-mail at  [email protected], and we will email you back the instructions.

The purchase at Delta Cosmetic is the exclusive responsibility of the customer, and Delta Cosmetics will not be responsible for any claim or suit against Delta Cosmetics or anyone on its behalf for the product’s features, capabilities, limitations or suitability of your needs and requirements.

Limitation of Liability

The site’s information and advice are given AS IS and do not guarantee its accuracy or accuracy.

All content presented and presented on the site are general information only intended for clarification and information and is provided for the convenience of the reader only, including tips and tricks presented to the surfer and are not a recommendation or advice.

All the contents of the site, including the tips, are based on information that belongs to the public and therefore are not accurate and/or binding and/or full and may even contain errors and/or inaccuracies and therefore do not constitute an alternative for professional consultation.

Any medical concern or suspicion should be addressed by authorized persons, and no reliance should be placed on the site and the information presented on the site.

All information and advice on Delta Cosmetics is the exclusive responsibility of the customer and that the surfer/customer will not have any claim and/or suit against the owners of the site and/or its operators and/or anyone on their behalf regarding all the content of the information displayed on the site including the use of personal information and the features displayed on the site.

Advertising and promotions

The site and the operators of the site reserve the right to publish promotions from time to time, the activity will be carried out in accordance with the terms of the promotion that will be advertised for that product. The site and the operators of the site reserve the full right, in their sole discretion, to extend or shorten the period in which any action is taken, or even to completely cancel certain actions. The user shall have no claim and/or suit in respect of this decision.

Delta Cosmetics will send its customers through email and cellular promotions, advertising, and information. The user shall have no claim and/or suit in respect of this decision. A customer who does not wish to receive advertising, promotions or any other information can contact us at [email protected], and we will remove him from the system.

Additional Terms

In any event, where Delta Cosmetics is unable to manage the site orderly, to supply the products or to fulfill its other obligations, the company may cancel the contract with the buyers, in whole or in part. Also, the company reserves the right to close the site and/or cancel the sale at its discretion and will not bear any responsibility if it becomes clear that it was carried out or performed on the site illegal activity or caused any damage because of technical malfunction on the site.

The personal information you provided and delivered at the time of booking, including your future purchases, will be stored in the company’s database which will not transfer your personal details to any other party. Although by law you do not have to give us your personal information, we can not process your order if we do not have them.

The headings of sections or paragraphs are for convenience purposes only and not intended to restrict or affect the interpretation of the agreement.

Any right or remedy of Delta Cosmetics in accordance with the Terms of Use shall not derogate from any other rights or remedies of Delta Cosmetics that are available to it by law.

These Terms of Use do not constitute a contract in favor of a third party and do not grant any right to any third party.

No waiver, avoidance of action or extension provided by Delta Cosmetics will not be considered as a waiver of its rights under the Terms of Use or under any law, and shall not constitute a precedent for any other event and shall not affect the right of Delta Cosmetics to exercise its rights at any time, any claim regarding waiver or suspension of its rights shall be heard.

Free shipping for purchase orders above 200$ and up to 4.5 kilograms. Every shipment over 4.5 kilograms will include an additional fee of 4$ for every additional kilogram added to the shipment.

Delta Cosmetics is entitled at any time to change the shipment fee and the additional fees for the shipment without further notice.

For all of the above, at any request of any kind to Delta Cosmetics, you can contact at [email protected] and we will try to return to you within three (3) business days.

Judgment and judgmentally

If a claim has been filed against the site and anyone acting on its behalf by the user, except about the agreement or user behavior, the site’s owner may initiate and take legal action against the user, if a claim is filed elsewhere in any matter relating to the agreement or user behavior, the owner of the website may act and take legal action against the user in that other place as well.

The law applicable to your reservation and these regulations is Israeli law only. The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter and dispute is vested in the competent courts in the Jerusalem District only.


If you are not satisfied with any part of the Site or any of these Terms of Use, please write to us, and we will review your application carefully.



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